She’s not supposed exist… They’re only stories.

But there’s something in the water…

In the time before man, there were others. Perfect beings of the earth, water, air, and fire. The world was theirs during the unrecorded time. And for a while, there was peace.

To Cora of The Shallows, Princess of the Undines and Captain of The Queen’s Guard, humans have been the enemy for centuries. Now, the tide is turning, and avoiding contact—staying hidden—is no longer an option for the Undines. 

The Lawless of The Depths have struck a terrifying alliance with another former enemy, and like it or not, Cora must navigate the hazardous water between the two sides to save two men from different worlds. 

One, a loyal brother in arms, and the other, a soldier destined to lead…if he survives following his heart.

Nervous Water is the second prequel to Bad Seed, the first book in the Dystopian / Urban Fantasy series, First Bloods. Available November 5th, 2019.