Getting Organized

All right. I've been meaning to get back here more often, and with NaNoWriMo giving me a healthy "get your crap together" kick in the pants, I've managed to get back on the path of schedule righteousness. In my defense, we got two new puppies. Yes, two, I know....well, now I know. My rationale at the time was "the first one needs a buddy to play with!" It didn't dawn on me that they would effectively be two BABIES and would need individual everything in order not to grow up as co-dependent basketcases (littermate syndrome--it's a thing!). So, separate walks, separate play time, separate *insert all dog related stuff here.* I'm happy to report that after six months of vigilant insistence at the universe that chaos and I do not play nice, they're happy, independent pups on a perfectly manageable schedule. I will be the last one standing, damn it. So, without further ado, I present Atlas, the Bloodhound / Doberman mix, and Apple (short for Appolonia), the Boxer / Shepherd mix. Both are from shelters in Indiana, and yes, I will happily pause this blogpost while you reconfigure your cuteness-melted insides...


I know. Welcome to my world. This is how writing became the middle child for a little while...imposing order with sheer will takes its toll, and something had to give. I put off outlining IGNIS whilst in the throes of puppy-momming, and wound up having to shelve the first 7,000 words I wrote a few months ago since they just weren't working. I've replaced them (*bows before the NaNoWriMo accountability throne*) and am happy with the new direction--you guys, Arco and Jazz are narrating! We're looking at 50K words or bust by the end of the month, and I'm on a mission now that the outline is done too. My formal goal is to have the first draft finished by January, which would be a record. I've always felt that Stephen King's do-the-work-day-by-day process is the best one, at least for me. If I only wrote when I felt like it, I'd never get anything finished. So, bring on the coffee and epic movie soundtracks--we have a war to write!



Well, tomorrow it will be here...UNLESS you're in the Indianapolis area and stop into the Carmel Barnes & Noble, where we will have a special sneak peek event tonight from 6-8pm! Can't make it? Our official release party is at the Mishawaka Barnes & Noble from 2-4pm on Saturday, 9/16...and then, AER will be everywhere! 


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