Indiana Comic Con 2017 Is on the Books!

Hehe, see what I did there? On the books? Get it? 

OK, never mind. Comic Con was A TON of fun! 

I got to hang out in Artist's Alley this year alongside the ever-charming Charles Thurston, who cracked me up every single day, as well as my friend, STEM comic creator, Jim McClain, whom I'll be seeing again at the ALA conference in Chicago this June! 

It wasn't as busy as last year's Indy Comic Con, likely because it was over Easter weekend this time, but that didn't stop old and new friends from coming to see my panels on character authenticity in YA Lit! I was genuinely humbled to see so many people show up, especially at 10:00 a.m. on Easter Sunday! We had an awesome time, and honestly, getting to meet people who share the same passion I do for creating worlds is one of the best things about this event. 

The other best thing? The super cool cosplayers! Have a look at some of the new friends I made, as well as a few old ones from years past, whom I was happy to see again. See you next year, Indiana Comic Con!